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    Question Okidata ML 490 Questions

    We are currently using a Okidata Pacemark 4310 with the old CMv2. We are trying to migrate to the new windows program but are having a hard time with the printing. The 3410 is not a supported printer.

    The printer often but not always does not print our reports correctly. We use a set of settings for the report and the first time, the report prints correctly, but the next time we print with the same settings, the report will not print correctly. We cannot find the pattern of cause of this problem. We suspect that it may happen after we print from the laser printer. Without knowing what we are doing wrong, we are thinking of scrapping the 3410.

    We are contemplating purchasing a Okidata ML 490, which is a supported printer. Do any of you use this printer? How is it working with the new Windows program?

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    Hopefully someone else with a 490 will provide feedback for you on how it is working out for them.

    On the topic of the 3410 and report printing: The only reports designed to be printed on impact printers are labels, post cards, and anything using the Interlink invoice form. Everything else is explicitly designed to be printed on a laser printer so your mileage may vary when sending them to anything else. This will be true no matter what impact printer you are using.

    I have personally seen several 3410's in the field printing 1-up and 4-up labels beautifully.

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    Default Our 3410 is fickle

    We are using the laser printer for all forms that can print there. We use the dot matrix printer for labels, bills and postcards. Our problem with the 3410 is that even with all the set ups the same the 3410 will print correctly one time and not print correctly the next. We do not know what makes this happen. What we print to the laser prints fine from the new windows program.

    An Example: While printing mailing labels we used the 15 cpi in the set up. The labels printed just right. The next time we tried to print labels with 15 cpi, they would not print. When we changed the setting to 10cpi the labels printed just right. Today when we tried to print the labels with 10 cpi, they will not print correctly.

    Sometimes the vendor bills print correctly but other times they printing every other sheet.

    The only reason we are thinking of buying at 490 is to have our printing be consistent. The 3410 was bought new last year.

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    Unless you are changing the settings from one print job to the next, that 3410 should produce the same results every time. It sounds to me like a printer defect, not an incompatibility issue with our program. While I am hugely in favor of the printers on our supported printers list, you may still be under warranty with okidata for your 3410 for some kind of repair.

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    Default 3410 Works perfect with CMV2

    The 3410 works perfect with CMv2. I do not think that there is anything wrong with the printer.

    With CMv2 its the laser writer printing that works today and not tomorrow.

    I'm afraid that when I purchase the 490 that I will have the same printing problems with the new Windows version.

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    I haven't spoken with many people using the okidata 490, but I can say there are tons out there using the Epson equivalent LQ-590 which is also a 24-pin printer. The paper in our town has one and we usually recommend those over the okidata as the 24 pin narrow-carriage printer of choice.

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    Default I've Ordered the Epson LQ 590

    I've ordered the Epson LQ 590. Should we use the USB or parallel connection?

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    We primarily use USB in our office and that is what I would recommend whenever it's an option.

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    Default Slow PRinting from Espon 590

    We purchased a Epson 590 to replace our Okidate Pacemark 3410 printer. The 3410 is a 9 pin printer. The 590 is working with the Windows program great. The 590 is a 24 pin printer. I thought the 590 would be a faster printer. It is printing much slower. IT is taking twice as long to print the labels.

    What are the correct settings for the 590 in printing labels?

    We had it set on Romans font but when we printed today, it automatically changed to HSD. Are we doing anything wrong?

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